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A combination of historic structure of the building, unchanged from the outside, and the interior completely transformed is a surprise for everybody.


Gdańsk, Olejarna 3


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Bunkier is your hub for boundless fun! Immerse yourself in an array of activities and events. PLUR rules here – Peace, Love, Respect, and Unity. Join us for an unforgettable time, where the only limit is your imagination!


Some say there’s no good party without a good drink, so we’ve got a lot for your refined palate. A selection of whisky & bourbon, gin, tequila, rum, vodka, liquors, wines and more served by professional bartenders will surely satisfy the most demanding person.

Expect the Unexpected

Experience the unpredictable! With a myriad of events, you never know what awaits. Stay updated on our social media for the latest happenings. Join us for a rollercoaster of surprises and unforgettable moments in the heart of the action.

Gdańsk Heritage

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Costume Party

There is only one place to go - Bunkier! We started the custom of costume and theme parties in 2014. As you can see, we deal with interior design, but you create the atmosphere.

The rule says:

What happens in the Bunkier stays in the Bunkier. Sometimes it’s so good that the World has to see! Check out one of our best costume parties ever.


Simple rules: 1 person 50 zl - 45 of it to spent on alcohol. Free entrance till 23:00 and waitress service. Team up & have fun! PM us for vip offer.

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We 18:00 Th 21:00 Fr 21:00 Sat 21:00

Closing hours may vary


Olejarna 3, Gdańsk


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If you want to make a reservation/ book a table, ask about the event, send us an offer, propose a concert/ performance/ show, complain or just tell us about something, we’re here to help so feel free to write.