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A combination of historic structure of the building, unchanged from the outside, and the interior completely transformed is a surprise for everybody.


Gdańsk, Olejarna 3


+48 530-917-788



Different styles are what distinguishes and defines us. Usually you can choose between two genres on two separate dancefloors. Expect unexpected or just remember to check out our events every weekend.


Some say there’s no good party without a good drink, so we’ve got a lot for your refined palate. A selection of whisky & bourbon, gin, tequila, rum, vodka, liquors, wines and more served by professional bartenders will surely satisfy the most demanding person.

Street Food

It’s better together! While drinking with friends, better eat some good stuff based on local and seasonal ingredients. You may pre-order a catering set or spontaneously buy a burger with our special meat mix from a nearby countryside butcher with handmade buns and dips with fresh onion rings and more…

Gdańsk Heritage

of Fun

Costume Party

There is only one place to go - Bunkier! We started the custom of costume and theme parties in 2014. As you can see, we deal with interior design, but you create the atmosphere.

The rule says:

What happens in the Bunkier stays in the Bunkier. Sometimes it’s so good that the World has to see! Check out one of our best costume parties ever.



Simple rules: 1 person 50 zl - 45 of it to spent on alcohol. Free entrance till 23:00 and waitress service. Team up & have fun! PM us for vip offer.

Working Hours

We 18:00 Th 21:00 Fr 21:00 Sat 21:00

Closing hours may vary


Olejarna 3, Gdańsk


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If you want to make a reservation/ book a table, ask about the event, send us an offer, propose a concert/ performance/ show, complain or just tell us about something, we’re here to help so feel free to write.